Enter the war, fight for your faction!

Will you be the one to end the destruction, carnage, and hatred of the Warscape, and will you be the one to lead your faction to victory?


Which faction will you declare your allegiance to?



Built upon honour and mercy, The Arbiters plan to spread their teachings and end the threat of the 2nd Legion! The faction focuses more on strategy and defense rather than offense and military. With the mighty will of the Humans, the powerful sorcery of the Elves, the nimbleness of the Jin’tulu, the grace of the Dryads, and the alchemic genius of the Herasothians; The Arbiters shall overpower all of those who oppose them, and free those under the oppressive force of the 2nd Legion!



The mercilessness of the 2nd Legion is known throughout the planet of Uloff. The faction has a reputation to conquer everything around them and destroy all of those who oppose them. Using the savage brutality of the Jaar, the cunning prowess of the Dark Elves, the technological genius of the Gnomes, the spiritual energy of the Orcs, and the mystical power of the Latlazerians; The 2nd Legion plans to have no land unconquered and none of the Arbiters left breathing!


About the Game

Age of Warscape is an upcoming MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game) game developed by ILMXStudios. The game resolves around a series of escalating wars during a time known as Warscape, and the hostilities between ten races and two factions: The Arbiters and the 2nd Legion.
On the planet of Uloff, ten different races grow hostilities between one another, especially the two major races: the Humans and the Jaar. However, after the assassination of the Human king, the Humans believe that the Jaar are responsible for their leader’s death and form a faction with their allying races: The Elves, Jin’tulu, and Dryads; forming the faction known as The Arbiters. The Jaar take this as a declaration of war, and form their own faction with their allies, the Gnomes, Dark Elves, and Orcs, which became known as the 2nd Legion. These two factions both believe that the other is the aggressor, and desire to kill all of those who are affiliated with them. And so, the Great War begins.
The war between the two factions causes massive destruction, slaughtering of innocents, and hatred throughout the planet of Uloff. The two faction leaders, King Earnet of the Arbiters and Warlord Bjorin of the 2nd Legion, decide that they will not win the war without a game-changing asset. They then realize that an individual known as the Faction Champion could change the war, and both leaders call in new recruits in order to test and train to see which one will be worthy to become the Faction Champion. The leaders also hope that this individual will bring an end to the death, destruction, and hatred of the Warscape, and lead their faction to victory.


Explore tons of areas, from land to water

Venture through the vast world of Uloff on land or sea, and explore hundreds of different areas. Travel on foot through vast regions, sail across the massive oceans in your own vessel, or take to the skies. Explore the plains, climb mountains, go deep into caves, hack your way through dense forests, sail across the dangerous seas, and tread through the swampy marshlands. Uloff is a huge world, filled with wonders, treasures, and mysteries.

Take control of your story

No playthrough is ever the same. In Age of Warscape, your storyline is changed depending on the choices you make in game. Your story could be changed by the areas you explore, who you choose to attack and kill, who you interact with, and even the missions that you accept and complete. Your story is also affected by your chosen faction, race, gender, and your chosen profession. How will you advance through the game? Will you be kind, brave, accepting, merciful, helpful, or even cruel and heartless? The choice is yours.

Fight against hordes of enemies

Uloff is littered with powerful enemies and bosses. You must use your full abilities to defend yourself against the countless hordes of hostiles. With a powerful combat system and unique battle features, you can easily dominate all who oppose you! Battle hand-to-hand against enemies, use magic to crush your opponents or aid your allies, pilot large mecha-suits to take on large hordes, or even use vehicles to aid you in combat. You can battle on land, in air, or even at sea! Learn new techniques and abilities as you progress and level up, and show no mercy on the battlefield! Bring glory to your faction, and bring hell to all who oppose it!

Team up with other players

Never run into a huge battle alone! Team up and interact with other Age of Warscape players all across the world! Trade, duel, explore, compete, or form a guild with your friends or even other users, and conquer the battlefield together. Bring hell to the PvP arenas, complete extremely difficult dungeons, and just plain explore with other likeminded players. Will you choose to be a lone wolf, or will you join up with others?

Customize your own character

Take control of how who look in Age of Warscape with a fully customizable Playable Character! Choose their faction, name, race, gender, hair colour, body shape/size, eye colour, skin colour, hair style, scars, tattoos, face shape, facial hair, and much more! Further customize your character by giving them armour and equipment, such as helmets, headresses, chestpieces, leggings, clothing, and even jewelry, gloves, and boots! Show off your creativity and uniqueness, and even intimidate other players.

Create and decorate your own livingspace

Need to take a break? Want to throw a party? Like decorating? In Age of Warscape, you can purchase and decorate your very own livingspace! Buy a house in the location you want, decorate it to your heart’s content, and invite your friends over! Buy furniture and decorations from shops and vendors to help make your house your own.


News and Announcements

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