Enter the war, fight for your faction! Venture through the broken planet of Uloff to put an end to the Great War. Coming soon to PC and Mac.


Will you be the one to end the destruction, carnage, and hatred of the Warscape?

Lead your faction to victory and put an end to the Great War of Uloff

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  • Become an Alpha/Beta Tester! February 5, 2018
    Hello, readers! With the game getting further into development, we are now offering for anyone to join in on helping us test the game! That's right, we will soon be letting a group of players join in to help test the game in its alpha and beta stages. Being a game tester will earn you […]
  • Development phase has begun! October 16, 2017
    Hello, Warscapers! We are happy to announce that Age of Warscape has left Planning Phase, and has begun the Development phase! Now, we will be developing the game's core, and begin to set up everything for the upcoming game. Plus, development phase also allows for us to post screenshots, videos, GIFs, and news about our […]
  • Age of Warscape: Origins -- COMING SOON August 28, 2017
    Greetings, Warscapers! We, the developers of Age of Warscape, have some big news for everyone! After months of planning and organizing the project, we have decided to release a graphic novel known as Age of Warscape: Origins. This graphic novel explains everything before the events of the upcoming game, that way players will not be […]
  • Forum Update August 12, 2017
    Hello, Warscapers! Although this has been released for quite some time, we would like to formally introduce the new forum update! We have switched from MyBB to Xenforo, which will provide new features, along with performance and security upgrades. We would like to invite all visitors, whether you already own an Age of Warscape account […]
  • Want to help with beta testing? May 21, 2017
    Do you wish to play Age of Warscape before it is released? Well, good news for you... now that Age of Warscape nears the end of its planning phase, we are now open for people to start coming in and volunteering for testing the game! We are now offering members a spot in beta testing Age […]
  • Join the Dev Team! January 2, 2017
    Hello! As we are making this game, it is imperative that we get help in many different fields. If you know someone or have a special talent yourself, then please contact [email protected] We suggest sending your portfolio and what job you are interested in. If you do not receive a response in 30 days, it would likely […]
  • Sign Up NOW and receive FREE Subscriber status! August 23, 2016
    AGE OF WARSCAPE ---- STARTUP PROMOTION​ For Age of Warscape's startup promotion, if you sign up for an AoWS account now, you will receive FREE subscriber status for an entire year once Age of Warscape is available for BETA downloading!​ This promotion will last until Age of Warscape exits planning stages and enters development.​ Create […]

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  • AoWSWelcome to the Dev Blog!
    Welcome to the Age of Warscape Developer blog! Here, the developer team posts news, updates, stories, diaries, promotions, and more for all users to […]

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