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Age of Warscape: Origins — COMING SOON

March 21, 2017 News 0

Greetings, Warscapers! We, the developers of Age of Warscape, have some big news for everyone!

After months of planning and organizing the project, we have decided to release a graphic novel known as Age of Warscape: Origins. This graphic novel explains everything before the events of the upcoming game, that way players will not be as confused as to what they are jumping in to. The novel, written by our Primary Developer, Ricky Chatell, and drawn by our Lead Developer, ILMX Prime, will also be free to download and read for all current Age of Warscape Members with an active AoWSID.

When will the novel be released, exactly?

This may be a question that will be asked of us.. quite a lot… So, before you spam our E-mails about it, the answer to that question is: We have no clue, as of yet. We do, however, want to make it available before the game is released. Heck, even before the Planning Phase ends. Be sure to stay tuned to find out an exact release date (as soon as we find out…)!

Thanks for taking your time in reading this! See you on Uloff
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