Welcome to the Dev Blog!

Welcome to the Dev Blog!

February 22, 2018 None 0

Welcome to the Age of Warscape Developer blog! Here, the developer team posts news, updates, stories, diaries, promotions, and more for all users to easily read.

Unlike community announcements, the developer blog is for a single developer to post more than just announcing material. Here, we will post personal stories, “Dev diaries”, sharing our experience as developers of the game. We will also often post roadmaps, image galleries, upcoming updates and patches, Q&A results (more details on that later), and even promotions for in-game material. We do not run by a special schedule when it comes to making blog posts, meaning we will post whenever we have something to post.

If you are into this blog and what it will be used for, then be sure to check back every once in awhile for new blog posts from me or the other developers. After all, we all have stories and content to share.

Until next time.. Long live Uloff!