Age of Warscape: Origins

Age of Warscape: Origins, the graphic novel adaption, is currently unreleased.


Age of Warscape: Origins is a series of stories that act as the backstory behind the game. All stories are downloadable for free. Currently, the makers of Age of Warscape are creating a graphic novel adaption of all stories made, which will act as the main "Age of Warscape: Origins". Once finished, it will be available to download here.
Looking for the full text versions of AoWS:Origins? They are available to download on IndieDB for free! Download them here.

Age of Warscape

Age of Warscape has not yet been released. Downloads will be available here when the game is released to the public. 
The game is currently in Planning Phase, which is when the developers are currently getting everything planned and put together for the Development Phase. It is expected for the Planning phase to conclude sometime in 2017. Check back later for any future updates regarding the game's release date!