Age of Warscape: Origins

Age of Warscape: Origins is a series of stories that take place before the Great War of Uloff. Acting as a backstory to the game, Origins aims to help players further understand the lore of the Age of Warscape universe.

Currently, two interpretations of the Origins series exists: The text versions and the upcoming Graphic Novel version. The text versions of Origins consists of a series of different stories, which all tell different tales of all kinds of characters. The Graphic Novel version is to be a single book that only tells the main story of the lore (in the form of a graphic novel), and leaves out less-important stories that the text versions tell. The entire Origins series is free to download. Currently, the text versions are being released onto Age of Warscape's Download page.

The Graphic Novel version is unreleased, as of now, and is currently in production. Once it is released, it will be available to download here.

Age of Warscape: Origins

Age of Warscape has not yet been released. Downloads will be available here when the game is released to the public.

The game is currently in Development Phase, which is when the Developer team is creating the game itself. It is expected for the game to finish core development and be publicly released sometime in 2018-2019. However, users who have signed up for Alpha and Beta testing will be able to test the game at certain points in early/mid development (read more about Alpha/Beta testing here). Check back later for any future updates regarding the game's release date!