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Welcome to the Network Rules thread, where all rules for Age of Warscape and its products are listed here. These rules apply to both in-game and on its website/forums. All members, regardless of rank or position, are expected to follow all rules listed below.


1. Do not spam in-game, on the forums, etc.

While this is a simple rule to follow, it is imperative that all users keep this rule in mind. Spamming defines as posting irrelevant and pointless content, which results in clutter and making our board harder to navigate. Spam messages will promptly be removed/locked, and the user posting it will receive a warning. Further violations will result in suspension in posting and temporary bans. This also includes posting malicious links that lead to phishing, virus-infested, and/or scam websites.

2. Do not advertise

Advertising in the in-game chat or on the forums is strictly forbidden. This includes posting links to external websites to gain views, YouTube links (in certain locations and certain times, this is fine), or other content in attempt to gain attention or views. Advertisements will be removed and the poster will receive a warning. Further violations will result in posting suspensions, chat mutes, or even up to a permanent ban. Advertising AoWS Guilds is perfectly fine.

3. Respect other members

This goes without saying; Please respect other members at all times. This includes not discriminating another member based on name, rank, gender, age, religion, etc., not harassing/bullying other members, not attacking another member, and giving the same level of respect that you want somebody to give to you. Violations of this rule will result in a warning, but can escalate to a suspension or being reported to a member of ILMXStudios.

4. Do not hack under ANY circumstances

This is a simple rule. Do not hack, or threaten to hack, another member or Age of Warscape. This also includes DDoSing/Threatening to DDoS. Incidents will be reported to ILMXStudios and will result in the violator to receive a warning and an extensive suspension/ban.

5. Do not impersonate others/pretend to be a staff member

Impersonating/Pretending to be on the staff team, developer team, or even ILMX is forbidden in-game and on the forums. This includes saying you are a staff member, pretending to have inside information, etc. Violations will result in a warning, mute, suspension, or temporary ban. For reference, members of ILMX will have a dark-red [ILMX] tag, admins/developers will have a red [ADMIN] tag, and moderators will have a green [MOD] tag. On the forums, staff members have similarly coloured badges on their forums that display their rank. You are also not allowed to pretend to be someone else, such as a celebrity or another user.

6. Do not talk in ALL CAPS

This is a very easy rule to follow; do not post any messages, whether in-game or on the forums, in all capital letters. This is considered shouting and very unprofessional. Violations will result in a verbal warning, and will escalate up to a temporary mute.

7. Do not post graphic/obscene/sexual content

It's simple. Do not post anything NSFW, which includes sexual content, extreme gore and violence, or anything obscene. This can be in the form of a direct link to an obscene website, an image, a video, or likewise. Violations will result in the post/message to be deleted and the poster to receive a warning. This also applies to avatars and signatures.

8. Try to stay on topic

This is more etiquette than a rule. When participating in forum discussions, it is important to pertain to the original topic at hand. If you start to go off-topic, then try to get yourself back on-topic.

9. Do not pointlessly give reputation

Please remember to logically give reputation to others. You cannot give reputation just because you like somebody, hate somebody, want to be an asskisser, or just plain pointlessly handing out reputation. Reputation should be given to somebody based on their helpfullness, quality, and behaviour. Abusive reputation will be removed from a user's profile, and the violator will be given a warning or up to a temporary ban.

10. Do not excessively use profane language

While minor profanity is okay, it is important to not use profane language directed at somebody. In order to stay safe, only use profane language to emphasize something, and not to attack somebody. Violations will result in the editing of the original post, a warning, or a suspension/mute.


• It is important to note that the forum rules can change at any time. In this case, all members will be given a notice before changes are finalized.

• If you have any questions, please PM somebody from the Support Team, a Staff member, or an administrator. You may also ask in the Community Help forums.

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