The story of Age of Warscape

Planet Uloff - A large, inhabited planet broken up into three known continents: Moridahn, Gaderon, and Strog'ar. The time periods of Uloff are measured in the years before or after the fall of Strog'ar. Dates are shortened as followed:

BFS - Before the Fall of Strog'ar

AFS - After the Fall of Strog'ar

3000 BFS -

Upon the continent of Strog'ar, a race known as the Jaar--burly humanoids with heavy shoulders, tall stature, and love for face-paint and facial hair--had grown and flourished. Known for their sheer brutality and savagery, the Jaar built up civilizations and their own culture within the small continent. Establishing games of hunt, honourary arena duels, and their own religion, the Jaar became a large race that have been seen as a father race for many, many generations.

However, a small group of Jaar grew disgusted by the brutality of the rest of the race. They had chosen to secede from the rest of their civilization, building rafts out of any materials that they could find, and left Strog'ar with no direction or maps, hoping to find a new life away from the Jaar. The small group sailed amoungst the vast seas of the Churning Sea, Uloff's only ocean, for months, losing many of its members from sickness, drowning, or starvation. With no hope for survival, the small group eventually began to stop trying, and floated in the middle of the ocean with nowhere to go.

It was then that a being made of light had pushed the remaining rafts across the ocean, eventually reaching land. Acknowledging that this being had saved their lives and their future, the group began to worship it as their god and deity, calling it "The Savior".

2500 BFS -

The once small group of Jaar had eventually grew into an enormous nation, and had changed their physical appearance to adapt to their new land. They had gained a smaller body-frame and lost their tall stature, and had gained different facial and body features, as opposed to the original Jaar race. This new group began to grow into their own race, calling themselves "Humans".

The Humans had built upon their newfound land, and had established their own civilization by building large cities and towns over the 500 year timespan. They had named their settled area "Dursun Forest", named after their first king, "Ma'zass Dursun". The Humans had also gained their own culture, which revolves around innovation and faith. The race became highly faithful and peaceful, avoiding violence and bloodshed to prevent becoming the Jaar once again.

However, one Human by the name of "Jesavich Te'nebre" had a different mindset than the rest of the Human race. He refused to be faithful to the Human religion, and had believed that violence and bloodshed was necessary to keep order and peace throughout Uloff. However, he had concealed his true beliefs to the rest of the Humans, and was eventually appointed to be the advisor to the 5th Human King, Alnos Pendley. He had begun to twist the mind of the King with his lies and manipulative words, and tried to encourage him to denounce Human faith and resort to violence. However, the King's royal court had discovered Jesavich's strange behaviour, and had informed the King that he was attempting to manipulate him.

Jesavich was soon replaced as the King's advisor, and was exiled to the islands near Strog'ar to keep him away from the rest of the Humans. In his exile, Te'nebre had discovered an ancient tomb hidden deep within the isles, had discovered that it had contained the artifact known as the "Gem of Death", one of the nine Gems of Reality that helped balance the elements of the Universe. The Gem was sealed within a book only referred to as "The Book of Shadows", a necronomicon that resonated with dark, necromantic energy. Jesavich had attempted to take the book, only to have his physical body consumed by the Gem of Death. Although his physical being was consumed, Jesavich's mind and soul was embedded with the Gem of Death, allowing him to live as an essence of Necromancy. As his soul gained the appearance of a cloaked man with a white mask, Jesavich discovered that he is unable to completely die. Tortured by his inability to die, he resorts to the fact that only the destruction of all reality and the multiverse can free him from life. However, in order to do this, he would need to gain the power to do so, primarily by killing living beings and consuming their souls.

Now as a living essence of Necromancy, Jesavich gained the ability to possess somebody's body, and twist it into his physical avatar. Using this avatar, Jesavich is now able to physically harm others. However, when his avatar is killed, his essence lingers and possesses another body, making him almost impossible to completely kill (much to his own dismay). Due to this, Jesavich became known as "The Eternal Necromancer".

1000 BFS -

The Jaar race discovers an ancient prophecy deep within Strog'ar. The prophecy mentions a period of time known as the "Warscape", defining it as an era where the lands of Uloff have fallen into a series of destructive, genocidal wars. The prophecy also states of an individual known only as "The Champion" can bring an end to the Warscape and save Uloff from total destruction.

0 BFS -

As the Jaar race began to grow even more, a growing number of individuals began to practice necromancy to gain mystical powers and to speak to the dead. The Jaar Warlord at the time, Warlord Skornjir Hellblood, had also began to practice necromancy, and had encouraged all Jaar to do the same. However, Skornjir's general, Cjorg Thykesnev, along with a small group of Jaar, had refused to practice the dark study. Cjorg and his group began to call the necromancy-practicing Jaar "Faljaar", short for "Fallen Jaar", and had declared themselves as "True Jaar".

After Cjorg's wife was killed at the hands of Skornjir, Cjorg and the rest of the True Jaar decided to revolt against Skornjir's rule, declaring him as the "Insane one". Cjorg and his army attacked the Jaar capital, Laar, in hopes of ending the Faljaar rule. Losing numbers on both sides, the Jaar and the Faljaar had a large battle that caused the deaths of innocents and the destruction of Laar. Cjorg had decided to fight Skornjir alone, heading to the Warlord's Court. Although Cjorg was prepared to face the Warlord, Skornjir had the upper hand due to his necromantic abilities. Losing to the Warlord, Cjorg was exiled from Strog'ar, along with the rest of his followers. However, Cjorg was not going to go down without a fight. He ordered his men to raze Laar to put a stop to the Faljaar uprising, and had swiftly left Strog'ar on large ships stolen from the Faljaar fleet.

With the destruction of Laar and the spread of necromantic energy across the continent, Strog'ar became nothing but a fallen wasteland. The remaining Jaar had sailed out to sea, hoping to find a new life and rebuild their civilization.